Use this mail template to create mailboxes like,,, etc. It's a simple mailbox template. There's no calendar or to-do. This mailbox is shared with other users and has its own Internet email address.

What do you need in a Team Mailbox?

  • Mail Rules. Chances are you'll be getting a lot of spam at "standard" email addresses like Route those messages to a common "team mailbox". Team members can use this common mailbox to receive and reply to those messages. Use mail rules to sort the incoming messages. A doclink will be sent to the team members when there is new mail.

  • Memo Clips. Do you have bits of information that you reuse over and over again, and you're frustrated by re-typing it each time? For example entering product information, maps to your office, pre-written response text to emails, etc? Memo Clips are a repository for the content you wish to reuse. When writing a new memo, move your cursor to the desired position, then select Actions > Insert Memo Clip. You will see a dialog box. Choose the document you would like to insert in to your new memo.

  • Auto Reply. Team Mailboxes are shared among a small group of users. For example, your training department may have a mailbox for There's always someone in the office who will monitor the new email. However, if they don't reply right away, you'd like to send an automated reply back to the customer. The reply message might say "We received your email. Sorry for the delay. You will receive a personal response soon." It's meant to run continuously and send an automated-reply only if the "team mailbox" users do not reply in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Instant Messaging. Lotus Notes has integrated instant messaging. If you are logged-in to instant messaging (Sametime), you will see "live names" in all views and folders, and on email messages.

    -Reply Address. Messages sent from a Team Mailbox will appear to be From that address. The user's personal email address is not shown in the email message. Bounced messages will return to the Team Mailbox.

    Other features include: Soft deletions, Follow-up Flags, Internet-style reply, Reply indicator icons, and Colored Inbox.